Special Study Groups

For more precise planning and coordination, task groups will be formed from time to time to detail out more specific areas as necessary. These include academics, physical space, student services, and other areas as necessary.

Joshua Beatty, Interim Library Director, joshua.beatty@plattsburgh.edu
Sarah Jennette, Systems and Electronic Services Librarian, sarah.jennette@clinton.edu

Registration and Scheduling
Pam Munson, Registrar, munsonpj@plattsburgh.edu
Jessica Lashway, Associate Registrar, lashwajl@plattsburgh.edu
Jon Reid, Registrar, jonathan.reid@clinton.edu
Barbara Golden, Administrative Assistant to VPAA /Schedule, barbara.golden@clinton.edu

Specialized Academic Space
Meg Pearson, Dean of Arts and Sciences, mpear009@plattsburgh.edu
Denise Simard, Dean of Education, Health and Human Services, simardda@plattsburgh.edu
SUNY Plattsburgh department chairs, TBD
Tina Evens, Nursing & Allied Health Director, katrina.evens@clinton.edu
Lynn Fowler, Math, Science, & Technology Division Coordinator, lynn.fowler@clinton.edu
Mike Lawliss, Lab Tech Assistant, michael.lawliss@clinton.edu
Leif Sorgule, Mechanical Technology Specialist, Adjunct, leif.sorgule@clinton.edu
Ian Burcroff, Art Program Coordinator, ian.burcroff@clinton.edu