North Country Chamber of Commerce Statement of Support

The North Country Chamber of Commerce is supporting plans unveiled by SUNY and Clinton Community College (CCC) for the relocation of CCC operations and programs to available facilities and space on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.

"The process has officially begun for securing a sustainable future for CCC built in significant part by relocation to available facilities and assets at SUNY Plattsburgh in the next few years. The same demographics which are hitting all schools and employers, exacerbated by the lingering impacts of shutdown during the pandemic as well as the high costs of a campus oversized for current and future operations, brings us to a challenging but necessary move, understanding the college's importance resides with its programs and not with its specific location," says Chamber President Garry Douglas. "With this latter point centrally in mind, we are embracing this move and have offered our support and engagement to SUNY Central, CCC, SUNY Plattsburgh and Clinton County in the multi-faceted process of planning and implementation now underway."

In the specific case of the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing which cannot relocate, the Chamber reports a pledge from SUNY Central "to lead a robust commitment to fashioning a stronger platform to not only sustain the IAM but to finally meet its potential", indicates Douglas. "We encourage support for this overall transition as many outstanding details are worked through over the coming weeks and months."

About North Country Chamber of Commerce:
The North Country Chamber of Commerce serves Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton and northern Warren Counties in New York State​, as well as the Akwesasne Territory and parts of southern Quebec. With more than ​4,​000 members, it is the largest business and economic development alliance in northern New York and one of the five largest chambers in the state.For more information, visit