Joint Coordinating Committee

Clinton Community College's shift of operations and the identification of a location and shared services will occur over time.

A plan and timeline will be developed over the spring 2024 semester through the work of a joint coordinating committee of faculty and staff from both institutions. An assessment of needs, capacity and aspects will be created that best support student success.

In addition to the joint coordinating committee, special study groups will be formed from time to time to detail out more specific areas as necessary.

Joint Coordinating Committee

Ken Knelly, Administrator in Charge,
Jay Urwitz, SUNY Senior Deputy General Counsel,

John Borner, Dean of Students,
Sheri Brienza-Wypyski, Controller,
Jarrod Cone, Assistant Professor and Faculty Governance Leader,
Carey Goyette, Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Jessie Pokorny, Director of Information Technology Services and Network Administration,
Paula Rizk, Director of Human Resources,
Ed Szalkowski, Director of Buildings and Grounds,

Brent Carbajal, Interim Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs,
Bridget Haina, Associate Professor and Faculty Senate Chair,
Karen McGrath, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success,
TJ Myers, Chief Information Officer,
Magen Renadette, Director of Budget and Financial Reporting Services,
Sarah Reyell, Director of Human Resource Services,
Robert Trombley, Manager of Capital Planning and Construction,