Get Ready for Clinton’s New Location in 2025

Clinton Community College will move to a new location for most classes and operations in for the Fall 2025 semester. The new primary location will be Redcay Hall on Beekman Street and 133 Court Street, both on the edge of the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.

Clinton Community College students will benefit from the same quality student experience that is our hallmark. Proximity to downtown Plattsburgh and a comprehensive university adds value to the experience.
The new location allows Clinton Community College to reduce costs on buildings and operations. That empowers us to invest more on in-demand two-year degrees, certificates, and microcredentials that lead to good-paying jobs or prepare students to transfer to a four-year program. 
Clinton Community College has a strong relationship with SUNY Plattsburgh, including a dual admissions program and more than 40 transfer agreements. The new location give students more streamlined opportunities to continue their education there or at another four-year institution.
There will be no disruption to Clinton Community College students’ academic progress will continue through the move to a new location. Whether you are starting in Fall 2024 or Spring 2025, there will be a smooth transition to the new location in Fall 2025.