Diversity and Inclusion Goals

After reviewing current and prospective student demographic data, as well as climate survey
results, it became clear that we must invest and commit ourselves to furthering opportunities
to learn and work in a diverse and inclusive campus environment in order for our College to
thrive. Five themes emerged as we examined the data relative to our vision. The themes were
developed into the following goals: 

  • Enhance diversity-related educational opportunities and experiences to ensure that students graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary for living and working effectively as members of a diverse, global society.
  • Promote and support activities and events which celebrate diversity and develop an aware ness of inclusion throughout the College and local community.
  • Identify and incorporate changes in our communications as well as physical
    plant which promote an inclusive environment.
  • Increase faculty, staff and student diversity throughout the College.
  • Develop and implement strategies and programs designed to support the retention and success of under-represented students.


 Goals on achieving our strategies and implementation for diversity and inclusion.

  • Hold regular forums highlighting diversity in our local community and discussion issues of global concern. 
  • Support Study Abroad courses and opportunities.
  • Celebrate International Education Week (November) .
  • Research viability of an international/ESL program.
  • Encourage the infusion of different cultural perspectives into classroom discussions by offering faculty and staff seminars on ways to interact, mentor, and support diverse students.
  • Identify applied learning opportunities (e.g. service learning, etc.) which develop and apply students' diversity and inclusion competencies.
  • Showcase international operations of local industries.
  • Show films highlighting international and diversity issues (Gender, veteran, socio-economic, culture, disability).

  • Invite diversity speakers to present on campus.

  • Celebrate the cultural heritage of members of the CCC community through diverse food service offerings.

  • Offer student activities which develop an awareness of others' experiences and perspectives.

  • Develop and offer Diversity Week programming concurrently with Plattsburgh State University.

  • Review and update signage to ensure it portrays an inclusive environment. 
  • Review existing forms and College correspondence to ensure language/terminology is inclusive.

  • Review website, marketing materials, and publications to ensure use of inclusive language and images. 

  • Ensure that both campus and instruction is accessible.

  • Provide information and resources to support the College community's efforts to understand differing perspectives and experiences (i.e. terminology, etc.).

  • Identify "inclusive management" as a leadership competency and provide professional development  opportunities to staff and faculty in order to develop this competency.


  • Research methods to diversify faculty including teacher exchange programs, Artist-in-Residence, Visiting Faculty, or perhaps a short term program for newly minted teachers to gain experience and be mentored here by our faculty. 
  • Develop plans to secure SUNY funding for the hiring of diverse faculty.
  • Improve the search and hiring process to enhance the potential for increasing the diversity of the faculty (full-time and adjunct) and the staff (casual, support, and administrative). Include diversity and inclusion competencies in criteria matrices.
  • Research methods to diversify staff including internship possibilities, etc.
  • Develop student and/or staff buddy system to support new and returning students.
  • Provide clarity concerning Accommodation Services for students.
  • Re-introduce and expand the student peer support program (i.e. Human Services STEPS program).
  • Expand access to learning opportunities that occur outside the traditional classroom.