New Location

Clinton Community College is planning to move its operations to the SUNY Plattsburgh campus beginning with the fall 2025 semester. The college will maintain and enhance its two-year associate degree and other academic programs along with its unique identity. It is not a merger.

Operational savings are expected through both a shared services agreement and a physical relocation, enabling programs to continue and develop, serving the region for generations to come.

With the move, SUNY Plattsburgh could offer housing to Clinton Community College students and provide other services as developed. 

Growing and maintaining layers of higher education within Clinton County is important to the North Country's students, families, businesses and more. The ability of Clinton Community College to continue to provide degrees and programs depends on its financial stability, accreditation and enrollment, elements the transition will be focused on.

Development and Planning

Clinton Community College's shift of operations and the identification of a location and shared services will occur over time.

A plan and timeline will be developed over the spring 2024 semester through the work of a joint coordinating committee of faculty and staff from both institutions. This will inform final decision making.

Any building updates and movement of offices and people would likely occur from fall 2024 through summer 2025, with classes and co-location targeted for the fall 2025 semester. Any agreement would include estimates of costs, outlines of responsibilities, capital project needs and other aspects to detail who will be doing what, when and how. 
Along with the leadership of the institutions, Clinton County and SUNY system, development of the framework for a new Clinton Community College location will include consultations with teaching faculty, professional staff and bargaining unit representation as indicated. In addition to the joint coordinating committee, subcommittees or task groups may be formed to detail out more specific areas as necessary.

When completed, the existing community college property will revert to Clinton County for uses it will identify.