SUNY Print Initiative

Clinton Community College is dedicated to participating in the SUNY system-wide initiative to cut printing expenses, enhance operational efficiencies, promoting sustainable printing practices, and continuing use our secure printing environment.

The SUNY Print Initiative is primarily focused on decreasing printing expenses and improving environmental sustainability by reducing the printing needs across all SUNY institutions. This is done through "Strategic Sourcing" and is aimed at decreasing the long term costs by streamlining the purchasing efforts, technical support, and the maintenance procedures.

Print Initiative Goals

To meet the goals and adhere to SUNY's directive, we have been instructed to do the following:

  • Reduce our current printer fleet based on printing metrics from the last 12 months.
  • Reduce the device count of Single Function and Multifunction printers.
  • Reduce color printing by 50% total.
  • Reduce mono printing by 35% total.
  • Migrate our secure printing environment into Pharos Secure Cloud. 

What does this mean for Students?

No changes to general printing access have been made. Students are still asked to do any major printing at the Library because the printer supplied has advanced functions and capabilities that are better suited for student print volumes. Any issues with printing should be directed to the librarian on-duty.

What does this mean for Faculty/Staff?

All faculty and staff will be required to get a new PIN code from Pharos. This is done through the Pharos Secure Print application on all faculty/staff machines, with the directions being available at the relevant TeamDynamix knowledgebase article. Any issues with printing should be directed to so that a technician can assist you. 

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