Frequently Asked Questions from our Students

Students can activate their accounts by clicking the Student Portal link from the home page and then click Activate My Student Portal link. Follow the link to set a password and receive your new username. It is encouraged that you print the confirmation page for your reference. Your username will be your first name, middle initial and last name all together without spaces in lower case. If you did not use a middle initial when you registered for CCC, your username will not have a middle initial.

If you receive a message saying "Your record could not be located," please contact the Registrar's Office at 562-4124. They will verify the information is correct in your student record.  

Only currently enrolled students will have access to Microsoft 365 and their web mail.

No, your account is still available to you and you will have continued access even if you are no longer a student. If you forgot your information, feel free to use the Activate My Student Portal link.

Reminder: Only currently enrolled students will have access to Microsoft 365 and their email. 

When activating your account, you selected a new password. If you forgot your password, please use the Reset Password link located on the Student Portal login screen to reset your password.

Students can only change their passwords by using the Change Password option in the Student Portal.

Use the Reset Password link on the Student Portal Link and you will be aided in resetting your password. If you forgot the answer to your security question, please contact the Registrar's office at 562-4124.

Use the link within the Student Portal to access web mail or go to Use your complete email address  ( with your password to log in.

Reminder: Only currently enrolled students will have  access to Microsoft 365 and their email.

A student email address is different from our faculty and staff. Your email address is your

Faculty and staff email is their first name.last

Enrolled students can download 5 copies of Microsoft Office to personal devices. After logging into Microsoft 365, located in the upper right corner is a link Install Software.  You can download software to mobile devices as well (tablet, phone). Apple and Chromebooks will not have the ability to install Microsoft Access.

Reminder: Only currently enrolled students will have  access to Microsoft 365 and their email. 

Only currently enrolled students have access to web mail and Microsoft 365. Be sure to transfer any contacts and emails you want to retain. Don't forget to transfer files stored on OneDrive too!

Students who graduate will have access to the systems for two months past graduation.

Microsoft provides free the ability to have an email account and access to the Web apps. Simply create an account at Outlook - free personal email  and transfer your email and files from the college account to your new account.

Clinton Community Colleges uses Microsoft Exchange (Outlook) and our students access their emails by using Outlook Web Access (OWA).  Typically the information you need is your username, our domain name of clinton, the name of the incoming/outgoing mail server - and that we use a secure site.  Apple products are easier to configure on campus than off. If you need additional assistance, please feel free to contact the Technology Coordinator.      

Summary of Configuring your Phone:
Email Type:  Microsoft Exchange
Email Address:
Password:  your password
Domain\Username: your Clinton email address
 (Apple product: leave blank for Domain and enter your complete email address
  for U
sername. This sometimes will work on non-Apple products as well.)
Server Name:
SSL: click to check the box if asked   
Click here to access the site to create an account.
A color printer available for student use is located in the Douglas Library in the George Moore Building, room 213M.
Students have access to OneDrive through Microsoft 365 and receive 1 TB of file storage. This cloud storage is available anywhere you have access to the Internet. To learn more about OneDrive, click here.

1.  Open Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access.

2.  Click Sign In located in the upper right corner of the window (near the 'X' to close the window).

3.  Login with your complete email address ( The system will automatically connect your OneDrive-Clinton Community College. Anything you save in this area will be available to you any time you access OneDrive.

Reminder:  On the campus computers we use DeepFreeze so you will need to do the above steps each time you use the computers. On personal devices, it will only need to be completed once.


Additional Student Portal Questions:

The Student Portal is semester or term specific, so you may need to change semester/term in order to see the information for a particular semesters. (You will be able to see past semester as well.)

From the Student Portal Login Page:

After entering your username and password, click the down arrow by Term: and select the semester or term you wish to view. 

From Within the Student Portal:

Located on the left navigation pane under your name displays the current term. Click Change to move to the semester/term you would like to view.

The Student Portal provides the ability to view and print an unofficial copy of your transcript. 

  1. Located under My Transcript, click Letter Transcript. To print a copy of your unofficial transcript, click the printer icon located in the upper left corner above your major.

To change printing of the transcript so it isn't so compressed:

  1. After clicking the printer icon, select Preferences.
  2. Change the orientation to landscape.

To View your Mid Term or Final Grades:

  1. Login into the Student Portal.
  2. Located under My Grades located on the left navigation pane, selected Letter Grades.
  3. Select Mid Term (or Final) and your grades will appear.

If you want to print your grades, click the Printer Friendly Icon located at the top of the screen toward the right side.

  1. Login to the Student Portal.
  2. Locate Current term: and click Change to select the semester you wish to register.
  3. Click the Registration link located on the left navigation pane.
  4. After reading the Registration Alerts, click Agree to continue.
There are two ways to register:
Select the course(s) you want and click Process Registration.
  1. Click Show Filter to expand the Course ID Filter section. Enter as little or as much information you want to filter. For example, ENG for Dept:
  2. Click the Add button to move the information into the Active Filter.
  3. Click Apply Filter to display the English courses.
  4. Select the course(s) you want and click Process Registration.
  1. Log into your Student Portal.
  2. Click on Registration.
  3. There are boxes in front of each course that says Drop. Check the boxes of the course(s) you want to drop, and click the green button that says, Process Registration.

If you are receiving Financial Aid, be sure to check with the Financial Aid office to ensure you still have the number of credits necessary.