Frequently asked questions from Faculty/Staff/Adjuncts

The IT Department uses a work order system (SpiceWorks) for all technology requests, except for emergencies. Simply email to initiate a work order. This expedites request processing, allows for future development of tools, and provides information for future training requirements for the Faculty and Staff.

Log into Microsoft 365 (, and click the gear  located in the top right corner to open the Settings navigation pane:

Scroll down to Password section and click Change your password. Enter your current password, new password, and confirm the new password.

Passwords need to be changed every 90 days and must meet the password complexity guidelines:
  •  Not contain user's name and username or part of the user's name and username
  •  Cannot be any previously user password or similar to a previous password (do not add a number to a previous password)
  •  Be 14 characters minimum in length
  • Contain a character from the following categories:
                English uppercase characters (A through Z)
                English lowercase characters (a through z)
                Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
If on campus, you can press Ctrl/Alt and Delete keys at the same time and select Change Password from the menu that appears.

Email and a work order will be generated and a copy sent to you for your records.

Software requests for academic rooms are typically viewed as project based, so please consider requesting this between semesters to allow plenty of time to meet your requirements. The Vice President of Academic Affairs needs to approve this request.

Faculty and Staff are afforded the opportunity to use Microsoft 365 which enables access to your documents and software. This service provided by the college, provides the ability to download 4 copies of Microsoft Office to personal devices (PCs, tablets, phones, Apple products), as long as you are an employee of the college. Microsoft Access is not available on Chromebooks or Apple products currently. 

After logging into the Microsoft 365 portal (, a link is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen to allow downloading of software. 

We use Microsoft Exchange for our email system. Typically the information you need is your username, our domain name of clinton, and the name of the incoming/outgoing mail server of We use a secure site.

Office 365 Summary of Configuring your Phone:

Email Type: Microsoft Exchange

Email address:

Password: enter your password

Domain\Username: your Clinton email address. For Apply products, leave blank for the Domain and enter your complete email address for the username.

Server Name:

SSL: click to check the box.

All computer equipment and phone moves need to be coordinated with the IT Department. Simply email  and a work order will be generated. If you are relocating to another room entirely, email the New Hire - Staff Relocation distribution list to initiate the relocation.