Information Technology

Information Technology

Our mission is to empower students, staff, and faculty to develop, use, and manage information effectively by providing them with the resources, training and data-management tools necessary to fulfill the college mission.

Clinton Community College uses Microsoft Edge as the official web browser for the college campus computers. We acknowledge that most popular web browsers will work with a majority of web sites but can offer minimal support for the other browsers.

Students needing assistance with software programs are encouraged to visit the Tutoring Center located in the Learning Commons, George Moore Building, room 217M.

Additional software tips and technology information can be found on our Intranet in SharePoint.

  1. Log into Microsoft 365 at
  2. Click on SharePoint.
  3. Click on the Clinton Community College tile. The Information Technology SharePoint site is a link off that site.

Students are encouraged to use Faculty provided "Team" sites but are not allowed to create their own "Team" or "SharePoint" site.